For Students: Emmanuel Online Christian Elementary Academy (EOCEA), shall develop the following seven domains of our students: Character, Content, Christian Values, Faith, Affective, Cognitive, and Psychomotor Abilities.

Character: The secular education system places much emphasis on the success that connects to materialism. The world has ignored, to a large extent, the proper meaning of character, defined as the moral quality of a human being. A person of noble character is one who fears the Lord God Almighty and lives by His principles as written in His Word, the Holy Bible.

Content: We shall build in our students very early in life, the wisdom contained in the Word of Life, which is the Holy Bible. We shall teach and train our students on how to incline their hearts to Godly knowledge and spiritual understanding. At EOCEA, we shall prepare our students to harness the hidden treasure contained in the manual of Life, which is the Holy Bible so they can understand very early in life that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and path to real knowledge.

Faith: We shall teach our students strong faith and belief in our Lord Jesus Christ as the Source of Life.We shall inculcate principles of how to live uprightly, to be fair and just in dealing with all people irrespective of race, gender, nationality, or creed and teach our students very early in their prime how discretion will protect them and understanding the Words of God will guide and guard their paths in life.

Today, the values that define humans as beautiful creatures of the Almighty God are under assault. Consequently, we at EOCEA  teach and raise a new generation of kids around the world that will value life, obey God’s Laws, and respect constituted authorities. Instruction on how to begin their day with a prayer to their Creator and discover their God-given talents to live Godly lives is encouraged along with becoming responsible members of the global community.

Affective Development: –  We believe and know that every human being is precious before the Creator, and every child is endowed with unique talents to be a responsible citizen of the global community. We want to help develop this God-given creative ability in every precious soul very early in life wherever the child may be anywhere on earth using the power of modern technology.

Cognitive Development: – We shall prepare our students to learn holistically and develop their linguistic perception very early in life to function in a rapidly changing globalized world.

Psychomotor Abilities: – The sensory skills of children gifted in art, music, sewing, singing, dancing, etc. are unique talents that develop in childhood through modern technologies.

For Parents:- We are in a rapidly changing world. Traditional values are almost disappearing, moral values, strong character, fear of the Lord, and respect for absolute truth are receding. Materialism and corrosive appetites for money have distorted the real meaning of success. We at the Jesus Christ Solution Center and Neal & Associates Consulting Group Texas USA sought the Merciful Face of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on how to restore Christian values to the world. The Lord God Almighty directed us to establish the Texas Online Christian Education (TOCU) to all children in the world, starting at the pivotal age of six years. It is a quality technology-based online education offered tuition-free to all children of the world irrespective of race, gender, nationality, social status, and creed. In other words, non-Christian believers are welcome to learn about our Lord Jesus Christ and taste Him as the Good Shepherd in whom abundance of joy found in the salvation of our souls.

If these are values you cherish and want to instill in your child and or ward very early in life, we implore you to enroll them at the Emmanuel Online Christian Elementary Academy today. It is a quality, tuition-free cutting-edge and faith-based childhood education that is delivered through modern technology to prepare and raise a new generation of vanguards of faith and belief in Jesus Christ as our Lord, Master, and Savior.

About us

Childhood is a pivotal moment in a person’s life that determines the character and the future of an individual. As Alexander Pope, the 18th-century British poet and author once said, it is the way the twig is bent so it will grow and it is through early education that the human mind is formed.

Parents are the major influence. of children’s decisions at childhood and taking the wrong action can make or mar a child for the rest of his or her life.

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