Do some human beings have power to kill other humans? Late kunle fadipe’s case as example

Some readers of this column have sent in email while some called on phone about the Fayemiwo Family matters that I wrote about last week. I just want to cut through the chase and hit the nail on the head; Tayo Fayemiwo had a hand either peripherally or directly in the gruesome murder of late Barrister Kunle Fadipe. There are certain conjectural coincidences that occur making one to wonder, such events could not be mere coincidences. I will cite five of such past events. While I was still in Nigeria in the early ’90s, a paternal cousin of mine; Ms. Funke Adebayo who is alive and reading this article -took me to a certain prophet. Sister Funke is alive to corroborate this story-one of the revelations the prophet made was about the Fayemiwo Family property. He warned that I should not be involved in the matter. Dare Fayemiwo, who is older than Tayo Fayemiwo also said similar thing and Sikiru Olufemi Fayemiwo, the eldest and first boy similarly say the same thing which begs the question of who really is the person to be feared in a matter that concerns a family-owned property? Out of 13 children, we have 6 men and 7 women. If three of the men were being warned prophetically not to have anything to do with a family property that Tayo Fayemiwo appropriated and mismanaged and the only two men who are not raising eyebrows: Messrs. Tobi Daniel Fayemiwo and Bunmi Fayemiwo are Tayo’s younger brothers from the same biological mother, who stands to gain from such spiritual intimidation? Tayo Fayemiwo , of course! But there are other incidents too that are more than mere coincidences. In one of my encounters with our elder sister; Mrs. Funmilayo Adedapo-Aisida over the property issue while I was still in Nigeria, her off-the-cuff remark on Tayo one day indeed was an eye-opener. Mr. Tayo Fayemiwo evaded my questions during a supposedly family meeting at Mrs. Adedapo-Aisida’s house in Surulere, Lagos advancing a lame excuse. I asked our elder sister why Tayo Fayemiwo was evading me and has refused to open the books on the said property. Sister Funmi looked at me and remarked: ‘I am sometimes confused too each time Tayo brings papers here for me to sign and I’d sign them without asking any question.’ Then another statement from Sister Funmi jolted me: ‘Moshood, you’re also educated, why don’t you take on Tayo and demand for accountability since other Fayemiwo men are lukewarm because of prophetic warning?’ Well, it happened that each time I wanted to take on Tayo Fayemiwo over this matter throughout my stay in Nigeria, a spiritual attack of one form or the other would usually occurred. Then Tayo Fayemiwo’s behavior throughout my incarceration under the bestial Abacha military regime showed Tayo’s satanic lifestyle. The late Chief Gani Fawehinmi who was my attorney during his lifetime told me that he once sent for Tayo Fayemiwo during my incarceration, but Tayo refused to see him. Dr. Ladun Ibidapo, the owner of the famous Nene Clinic on Allen Avenue, Ikeja who treated my late father when he was alive and other prominent Owo sons who were concerned about my plight during the same period sent for Mr. Tayop Fayemiwo to see them so they could issue a joint statement/press release over my plight, again, Tayo baulked. Then the late Barrister Kunle Fadipe approached Mr. Tayo Fayemiwo at Lagos High Court one day and confronted him about my condition, but to Kunle’s bemusement, Tayo said he and I weren’t related. Tayo told Kunle that it was mere coincidence of name, but that his own Fayemiwo was different from mine. In fact, this was one of the reasons Barrister Kunle Fadipe took up the legal matter when I briefed him; his opportunity to impeach the character of Tayo Fayemiwo when the case was to be heard so that Kunle could ask Tayo right to his face: didn’t you-Tayo- tell me years ago that you Tayo Fayemiwo and Dr Moshood Fayemiwo weren’t born of the same father?’ But Barrister Kunle Fadipe didn’t have the opportunity to call out Mr. Tayo Fayemiwo as he was murdered a month to my intended visit to Nigeria to sign vital court papers that would expose Tayo Fayemiwo. In a riposte poser I received on this matter and published below where the sender asked: ‘Are you saying that Mr. Tayo Fayemiwo has a hand in the gruesome murder of late Barrister Kunle Fadipe?’ My reply is emphatic Yes! Mr. Tayo Fayemiwo is a member of a secret Satanic society and demonic cult in Nigeria, although he goes to church, he’s even referred to as a deacon at Estate Baptist Church in Surulere, Lagos where he worships, but beyond the façade, Tayo is a highly-demonic secretive man.

Can a truly born-again Christian steal the property of a collective? A real child of the True Lord God Almighty doesn’t take the names of his half-brothers to a secret cult to bewitch and scare them? A real deacon who manages the finances of the house of the True Jehovah Lord God Almighty will give account on the Day of Judgment of how he also managed the property of a family of which he’s only a part of while here on earth. When I came out of Abacha’s Gulag in 1998 and confronted Tayo Fayemiwo with all that the late Chief Gani Fawehinmi, Dr Ladun Ibidapo and concerned Owo sons and daughters who were interested in my case during the Abacha giddy years told me, Tayo could not look me straight in the eyes. While I was in his office in Lagos demanding to know about the state of the Fayemiwo Property at Ilupeju, Tayo made an off-the-cuff statement thus: ‘I’ve been told that you- Moshood- are the only one who will give me trouble.’ It was a bop and I have been wondering where did Tayo go to and who warned him to beware of me Moshood as the only one who would give him trouble? If Tayo Fayemiwo had been honest and straight-forward about the finances of my father’s property, what is disturbing him from accounting to the rest of us? What is Tayo Fayemiwo hiding about the said property? Covetousness is as sinful as the spiritual treasonable sin of idolatry. Greed is equivalent to witchcraft. A young man came to our Lord Jesus Christ to complain about his brother’s violation of his legal rights to his deceased father’s inheritance. But instead of getting involved in redressing the denial of the man’s filial legal rights, read what our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ said to the man in Luke 12: 15: ‘Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.” Those who are afflicted with the demonic spirit of covetousness like Tayo are as guilty as those that indulge in witchcraft. They may parade many earthly Christian titles but their eternal destruction has been foretold in the Book of Life. All these events and incidents lead me to the spiritual angle to the murder of Barrister Kunle Fadipe; if the late Barrister Kunle Fadipe was indeed a true worshipper of God, a truly born-again Christian and a pastor for that matter, why didn’t the True Jehovah Lord God Almighty save him from a Satanist like Tayo Fayemiwo or the land speculators at Ota, Ogun State? Why did Kunle die? Why was his life cut down so cheaply in his prime, even though he was a pastor?


I had stated in earlier articles in this column that the Creator of the heavens and the universe and all that are in them; the True Jehovah Lord God Almighty warns every human being on this earth-believer and unbelievers alike, when evil and death are lurking over us and approaching. As Elihu, speaking through the unction of the Holy Spirit disclosed in Job 33: 12-22: ‘But I tell you, in this you are not right, for God is greater than any mortal. Why do you complain to him that he responds to no one’s words? For God does speaknow one way, now anotherthough no one perceives it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they slumber in their beds,, he may speak in their ears and terrify them with warnings to turn them from wrongdoing and keep them from pride, to preserve them from the pit, their lives from perishing by the sword. Or someone may be chastened on a bed of pain with constant distress in their bones, so that their body finds food repulsive and their soul loathes the choicest meal. Their flesh wastes away to nothing, and their bones, once hidden, now stick out. They draw near to the pit, and their life to the messengers of death.’

Simply because you’ve given your life to the Lord Jesus Christ and are a born-again Christian doesn’t immune you from Satanic attacks and premature death, if you’re not sensitive to the principles of longevity. Yes, a born-again Christian is not supposed to die before his/her time, because the Jehovah Lord promised in Exodus 23:26c: ‘I will give you a full life span,’ but the promise isn’t a cinch. There are conditions attached to that Divine Promise and Covenant. Of course, someone who died at the age of 51 like Kunle Fadipe hadn’t fulfilled his full life span on earth. So what happened? One of the ways the Lord God Almighty arranged situations and circumstances for me to deliver His message to my friend when I visited Nigeria in 20111 was the warning I gave to him. I didn’t know I was a Divine harbinger when I told him to consider leaving Nigeria aftermath of the two attempts on his life. But more importantly, the Lord God that Kunle Fadipe served in his life time used someone closer to him than me to give him a heads up on the approach of Death. About two weeks to Kunle’s death, his son had a dream on June 21, 2014 and told the Fadipe Family. In the dream, Tumise, the lad said he saw his father in a pool of blood. Instead of Kunle to pray and asked the Holy Spirit to reveal the source of the impending death, and canceled the dream, Kunle erroneously concluded that it was likely going to be a motor accident because he was contemplating traveling out of Lagos during that week. But unbeknownst to him, the Demon of Death had engulfed his home and on July 03, 2014, he was murdered in cold blood in his living room in the presence of his family.

Now should we blame the Jehovah Lord God Almighty for the premature death of Barrister Kunle Fadipe as a pastor and redeemed child of the Living God? No, the Lord discharged His own duty as a loving and caring Heavenly Father because; His eyes roam about all over the world to protect and warn His own against the enemies of God and Man. No wonder, God said: ‘My people-not unbelievers but His children-are destroyed from lack of knowledge’ (Hosea 4: 6). This is why it is very important for us not to ignore our dreams and the dreams of our children, because our Lord Jesus Christ said; out of the mouths of babes He would speak (Matthew 21: 16). Now back to Tayo Fayemiwo’s case. Why would Tayo Fayemiwo prefer to kill my attorney, Barrister Kunle Fadipe instead of me? Who says he hasn’t tried several times in the spiritual world but because he hasn’t succeeded? But what would Tayo Fayemiwo gain by Kunle’s death? Evil people aren’t rational as ordinary human beings are. For one; all his shenanigans would be revealed and exposed; he would be disgraced because he knows he has misappropriated and stolen from the Fayemiwo Family commonwealth. In short, my court case would take Tayo Fayemiwo to the cleaners. People like Tayo that are consumed with foolish pride and self-egos are usually confronted with two options when they have their backs pinned to the walls namely; first, some of them that are cowards commit suicide; and the second and last option for the likes of Tayo’s is to take temporary refuge in demonic protection. As I told Tayo in one of my personal letters to him, he has put a curse on his life and that of his children for scamming his fellow brothers and sisters and if he doesn’t repent and ask for the Lord’s forgiveness, he will surely face the wrath of the Lord on Judgment Day.

We should also not forget that unnatural death comes from numerous satanic sources until one of the architects pulls the final trigger. As long as you’re a redeemed child of the Living God working for Him and carrying out His will for your life on this temporary planet earth; you are a prime target of evil and satanic forces from sundry sources. This is why we’re exhorted to fight the good fight of faith (1 Timothy 6: 12). This spiritual warfare is real, intense, deadly and inevitable. There are some human beings that are working in cahoots with Satan and his demons to carry out satanic agendas on this earth. Satan rewards such evil followers with fleeting earthly rewards such as those Tayo Fayemiwo is basking in and cherish, although he masks his satanic activities with puerile religious title and practices. That is why we see of recent some Nigerian pastors coming out of their satanic closets to declare publicly that they are members of Ogboni Confraternity. These demon worshippers have the power to take the lives of other human beings who aren’t worshipping the True Jehovah Lord God Almighty and have rejected the Gospel of salvation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. But it should also be stressed that such Satanic and demonic human beings, who operate in the high rungs of demonological cadre can and do take out even born-again Christians that are either careless, ignorant or those who let off their spiritual guards. It is possible for a born-again child of the Living God, Holy Spirit -filled and tongue-speaking redeemed soul to be killed by Satanists and demon worshippers, if he/she is insensitive to the guidance and guardian of the Holy Spirit, lackadaisical and careless, dabble in sin which can lead to death (1 John 5: 16) or a combination of these factors. Such born-again Christians like Barrister Kunle Fadipe that died prematurely will make it to heaven if they kept the faith till the end of their life’s journeys here on earth but would have deprived themselves of fulfilling their purposes on earth.

Dear Dr. Fayemiwo, Please kindly accept my sympathy on the death of your friend and lawyer, Barrister Kunle Fadipe. The death is very painful anyway, but who are we to interrogate God? However, to answer your curious question as to why God should allow such a heinous death to be executed. Thank God you’ve answered the question that the late lawyer had been divinely warned earlier on. The scripture cannot be faulted, Psalm 5:4 made us to know that God does not take pleasure in wickedness or shall evil dwell with Him. Seek the mind of God as you are out to recover the proceeds from your family commonwealth. Since you are fighting a just cause, He -God Almighty-will order your steps because he who fights and runs away lives to fight another day. Good luck my brother. —Megsitic Oluwashola Arowele, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.

Thanks for your letter.

Re- The Wheel of Life: How Humans Are Born and How They Die: Using Late Barrister Kunle Fadipe As Spiritual Analysis Sire, I have read this particular article again and again. I must say I find the ideas interesting but strange. There are things in there that I haven’t heard or come across before and so I am still studying the concepts. Solid spiritual meat indeed! —Anietie James Okuku, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Dear Mr. Okuku, please read and read again the referenced article and pray that the Holy Spirit will illuminate your heart and give you the spiritual understanding and knowledge to grasp the messages conveyed in the article. Thanks.


Dear Dr Fayemiwo. This is very sad indeed. It’s a very sad tale of family greed gone horribly wrong. My condolences for the loss of your lawyer and friend, Barrister Kunle Fadipe. May his soul rest in peace; RIP—Prince Ezeokafor, Dallas TX, USA.


Hello Dr. Fayemiwo, read this and my mouth is shut. I am dumbfounded. Haaaa. It is well really. We still have a long way to go as Christians.—-Lekki Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Yes, I know, people are surprised, shocked and dumbfounded like you are. But didn’t our Lord Jesus say it before His physical departure from here on earth:


Dear Sir. I had just finished reading your column article on Nigeria world. I was born at Ilupeju Estate, Ajegunle Street precisely and I lived and grew up at Ilupeju Estate for over 25 years-the location where your late father’s property was sited, which you said has been sold. That part of Lagos is indeed a high class environment. but what I find disturbing from your article is that, since you explicitly stated that all the remaining family members collected N5million naira each, including you as share from the proceed of the property, does that not imply that the whole family consented the house should be managed by Mr. Tayo and co? How could you be so sure Mr. Tayo had a connection with your lawyer’s death? Thanks—Mr. Ayo Foluso Fagbemigun, Lagos, Nigeria.

Dear Mr. Fagbemigun, yes, I disclosed that Mr. Tayo Fayemiwo and his co-fraudsters-Mrs. Funmi Adedapo-Aisida and Mrs. Ronke Tola Olasoji took a unilateral decision and sold our common heritage. On their own, they gave N5 million each to the remaining 10 children-including the two surviving children of Monisola Fayemiwo. Tayo Fayemiwo said that they circulated a letter for every family member to sign which they didn’t send to me and they also made sure they didn’t send me a dime, zany, zilch, cent, farthing, kobo. But that is not even the most annoying part of the sordid episode; the fact that they refused to account for 20 years of accumulated rents on the property before they sold the property. Mrs. Tayo Fayemiwo and Mrs. Funmilayo Adedapo-Aisida spent the accumulated 20 years’ rents to build their own personal houses in Lagos while my father’s ancestral home in Owo, Ondo State lay in ruins and abandoned. I also gathered authoritatively that Mrs. Ronke Tola Olasoji also helped herself to the family money too in generous terms. Meanwhile, these sucking characters didn’t show up at their father’s burial and neither did they know the final resting place of their deceased father. Don’t you think they’re bastards? Now to the allegation that Mr. Tayo Fayemiwo either have a hand directly or peripherally in the death of my late attorney, Barrister Kunle Fadipe, I am not alleging but saying it authoritatively against the backdrop of the concatenation of events I have provided above. As a matter of fact, I have received unsolicited reports and facts from both within and outside Nigeria on how all the rents and sale of the said property were mismanaged by the evil trio of Tayo, Funmi and Ronke. Because of space constraints, I may not be able to furnish such scoops by be rest assured they will be documented blow-by-blow in my forthcoming memoirs/autobiography. In addition, when I say Tayo Fayemiwo is a member of a satanic society and demonic cult in Nigeria, I am not kidding. He may be using religion as a masquerade; he cannot bamboozle and hoodwink people like me.


Dear Dr Fayemiwo, thanks for your wisdom and knowledge. I am a regular reader of your column. It is unfortunate the numerous sad incidents of assassinations of Nigerians, especially those that are gifted and progressive in that country. Now the latest is the gruesome murder of your attorney and bosom friend. I am a Nigerian living in Egypt. The Nigerian people, especially the youth need to imbibe a new spirit and new culture and realize this current wave of violence will ultimately destroy the Nigerian society. There is currently a spiritual war going on in that country and only those with spiritual understanding will know. I am of the firm believe that you are one of those called upon by the Lord to be a part of this spiritual warfare and I will like to meet with you in pooling spiritual resources together in this warfare. Here is my personal email for you to contact me (email removed by columnist). The problem of greed in your family and the fraud perpetrated are not issues that can be settled by mere talking. Please again; reach me through this email so we can discuss further (email removed by columnist). Thank you—– Name removed to protect writer’s identity, Cairo Egypt.


Dear Dr Fayemiwo, I am seriously touched by your article; please accept my sympathy. I pray that God will give you and the family of the deceased the fortitude to bear the loss. Please sir; kindly explain to me how you are related to Late Alhaji Jimoh Oladele (my father) of Owo, Ondo State, because he constantly mentioned your name on his sick bed before he passed on. Thanks. —Kolawole Rahman Oladele, Lagos, Nigeria.

Thank you Mr. Kolawole Rahman Oladele, it’s a pity that the extended family system nurtured by generations of our forefathers in Africa is withering away because of modern technology. Today, the African society has become mitoses because of industrialization and wage economy. Your father, the late Alhaji Jimoh Oladele of Owo was my maternal uncle. His mother, the late Alhaja Safurat Dauda was my mother’s elder sister, the same father and mother. I saw your father last in Owo in 1983 when her mother, late Alhaja Safurat Dauda was on her sick-bed. Your late father can never forget my mother, the late Madam Raliat Malomo Dauda, because of the rare favor my late mother did to him when he was growing up as a young man in our hometown of Owo. So Mr. Kolawole Rahman Oladele, we’re second cousins. My memoirs and autobiography will soon be published and the history of my paternal and maternal families will be historically documented dating back to three generations in my birth place of Owo, Ondo State, western Nigeria. This needs to be done for posterity. Cousin, call me one of these days at 773-660-8917 or send me your cell phone number so we can chat. I will tell you the real reason why your father constantly mentioned my name in his dying days, it’s something I should not disclose on the pages of newspapers or online. I will tell you when we chat on the phone. Thanks for your curiosity and interest in knowing history. Remain Blessed in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.


Man of God, I commiserate with you and the family of your deceased friend and lawyer, Barrister Kunle Fadipe. It is disheartening! May God grant you and his family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. It is sad that such senseless and dastardly acts are happening in the motherland. What has become of this nation? May God have mercy on our nation Nigeria! —-Mr Shola.A Aiyetan


Dear Dr Fayemiwo, I want to start by commiserating with you on the death of your friend and attorney in Nigeria. God the father of all comfort will comfort both you and the family of Barrister Kunle. Pastor, I have been reading your articles and they are quite enriching but I want to know how to get hold of the book ‘The Kingdom of Satan Exposed.’ I reside in Melbourne, Australia and I will appreciate if it is possible to pay through credit card and get the book delivered to me here. God bless,

—-Jovita Mbah, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA.
Dear Jovita, please visit our company website at And you’ll find the information for ordering the book. Thanks.


*Dr. Fayemiwo, quondam professor of Biblical Exegesis at Kingdom Bible College and Seminary, Tucson, AZ is CEO, Alternative Lifestyle Communication, DBA Chicago and co-author of the latest book: ‘Coming to America.’ He is also member, board of directors & director of administration, The Millennium Stem Academy Charter School of Chicago, Illinois. Visit his company’s website at Please all private email for urgent attention should be sent to this email address:

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